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Pokémon GO 更新日期 0.115.3

Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, and many other Pokémon have been discovered on planet Earth! Now’s your chance to discover and capture the

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Bucket Ball 更新日期 1.99

Bucket Ball - is fun, free game for all funny people. - It helps to you to distinguish between different colors. - Based on visual perception and intu

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Heroes Soul: Dungeon Shooter 更新日期 1.0.2

In the darkest age, the world is ruled by monsters, aliens… There is no hope for human kinds. Suddenly, some Heroes with super power have stood up and

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Candy Riddles 更新日期 1.42.3

Enjoy Candy Riddles - the sweetest match 3 puzzle! Cute cookies and colorful candies with fun animations will certainly get you hooked! Jam through ch

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Bus Racing Games brings you the best in class racing experience. Racing on the streets has ended. Its time to race on Hill Climb Tracks. You'll need t

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Bomb You - King Of DDTanker 更新日期 1.0.7

Você gosta de jogos de tiro? Gosta de bolar táticas de combate? Então você já deveria estar jogando Bomb You! Selecione 3 heróis para irem ao campo de

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Buraco: Free Canasta Cards 更新日期 1.7.11

Buraco, also know as Burraco, Biriba, Canasta or Canastra, is a traditional card game in many Latin American countries and Italy. In Buraco: Free Cana

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Art of War : Last Day 更新日期 1.32.1

The final battle has begun against a superintelligent, rogue AI and its powerful robot army. If Judgement Day is coming tomorrow, are you ready to fig

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Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter 更新日期 3.40.0

Let the bubbles fly in a charming bubble shooter downloaded by more than 45 MILLION players! Match and pop colorful bubbles in over 2000 captivating l

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ARQuest 更新日期 2.0

ARQuest is the new Treasure Hunt in Augmented reality! !! RESERVED ACCESS TO PROFESSIONALS !! --> Playable Demo: [email protected] get markers + ac

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94 Seconds - Categories Game 更新日期 6.0.12

1 category, 1 letter, 1 word to find and score higher than your friends. A fruit with B? A sport with T? A mammal with D? Want to play? Then download

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■ FANTASY 검술과 마법을 시전하고 화살과 표창을 난사하는 진짜 무협판타지 세계 이제 놀아볼까? ■ ORIGINAL 친근한 원작 + 화려한 연출 + 탄탄한 구성 + 수많은 이벤트 과연 원조온라인~! ■ MMORPG 1:1결투 파티사냥 파티대결 파티던전 필드보스전

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수련충 更新日期 1.4

▶수련충◀ 수련을 통해 성장을 느끼세요. 다양한 장비를 수집하세요. 농도 깊은 1 : 1 전투를 즐기세요. 수련충 공식 카페 네이버에서 수련충 검색 또는 https://cafe.naver.com/commagate ---- 개발자 연락처 : 연락처 : 010-7727-7

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[콜라보레이션] 세계 최고로 깜찍한 캐릭터!!! 판다독이 영웅들과 함께하게 되었습니다. 판다독, 레빗독, 도치독과 함께 영웅의 길을 걸어가보세요! 어렵게 처치한 마왕은 한명이 아니었다. 7마왕중 하나인 안다니엘은 4종족에게 하나의 씨앗을 가슴속 깊이 심어 두게 된다.

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이 게임은 방구석에서 게임을 하는 게임입니다. 게임에 빠진 소녀를 도와 열심히 게임해주세요. 게임으로 돈벌고 고양이도 키워보세요. 치킨도 먹고 택배도 받으면서, 신나는 방구석 게임 라이프 ! ◈ 레벨을 올려보세요! 레벨이 증가하면 탭당 골드가 막 올라가요! ◈ 팀원을

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風流總裁俏秘書 更新日期 1.0.7

《風流總裁俏秘書》是一款首款現代摩登時代創業遊戲,讓你從一無所有到坐擁萬千財產,掌控商業帝國,世界首富美女環繞。遊戲內可以體驗各類商業活動,商會聯盟,股票增值,劇情引人入勝,總裁附體完美體驗! 【白手起家 晉升總裁】 創業、談判、商會聯盟,角逐商場,真實還原總裁創業之路,在遊戲如臨現場體驗創業路途。

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◆◆游戏简介◆◆ 降龙群侠传,是首款以沙盒玩法为主的高自由度武林江湖为故事背景的励志游戏。游戏内可研究的方向很多,玩家可以通过自己喜欢的武功系发展角色的能力。每种武功类型有特殊的成长体系如拳掌系的武功,可让敌人中毒,封穴。游戏地图NPC和迷宫地图随机生成,大量的未知神秘地图等你来探索。 ◆◆游戏特点

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逆転オセロニア 更新日期 2.11.1

○負けてる時ほど面白い!● ドラマチック逆転バトル「逆転オセロニア」!! 友達と!全国のプレイヤーと!白熱のリアルタイムオンラインバトル!○かんたん操作の新オセロバトル● 自分だけのデッキを編成し、『逆転バトル』を楽しもう! 近くにいる友達と、全国の猛者たちと、オセロのルールでキャラ駒を置いていくだ

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獵鷹行動 更新日期 2.2.4

****** 遊戲背景: 紀元2050年,國家之間爆發氣象戰爭,海水倒灌陸地被淹,人類只好趕造大量浮島基地。 為了爭奪殘餘的資源,浮島基地之間爆發了激烈的武裝衝突。 您作為新上任的浮島指揮官,將要管理龐大的軍事基地,日常建造與訓練部隊, 是四處征戰,稱霸陸海,建立新秩序? 還是合縱連橫,保國安民,守

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■ Amusement park tycoon game to enjoy by 2048 puzzle • New game mixed 2048 puzzle and tycoon games • We adopted the 2048 puzzle gameplay mechanic to m

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