Webkey 3.8.4.ui [已付费版]


Using this program you can control your phone from any browser:click and type on phone,
control one phone from another,
get, save screenshots,
download, upload files,
get GPS location,
read and write SMS,
export contacts, messages, call list,
notify SMS, calls,
terminal emulator,
SSL support for direct connections - this product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young ([email protected]),
3G support though androidwebkey.com.It's opensource.Please write us an email if any of these functions doesn't work.



  • 软件名称: Webkey
  • 软件分类: 工具应用
  • APK名称: com.webkey
  • 最新版本: 3.8.4.ui
  • 支持ROM: 4.4及更高版本
  • 软件大小 : 9.37 MB
  • 更新日期: 2020-03-15