DragonBreed for DragonVale 2.1.5 [免费版]


DragonBreed is the most complete app about DragonVale.
DragonBreed contains:
• Complete information of all the dragons, including the best breeding combinations for each dragon!
• A dragon list. Keep track of all your dragons and the ones you are missing!
• Breeding simulator. Find out what dragon you are going to get!
• Chat rooms. Get to know and chat with other people who like DragonVale as much as you do!
• Articles and strategies that will help you win the Dragon Track, get artifacts with Kairos' Quests and get more DragonCash and gems.
With DragonBreed you will enjoy DragonVale even more!
User Reviews
"Sanbox and dv breeding guide all in one! A must have for any dv addict err player !" by Aamomma2010
"This app is so amazing its easy to use and give you a verity of dragon breading tips" by Stevo1909
"This app is fantastic, it is clear, clean, tidy, concise, accurate, laid out very nicely, I'm very impressed with this app as have used so many other ones. Definitely
recommend. (...)" by Frenchie



  • 软件名称: DragonBreed for DragonVale
  • 软件分类: 工具应用
  • APK名称: com.thenextflow.dvguide
  • 最新版本: 2.1.5
  • 支持ROM: 4.0.3及更高版本
  • 软件大小 : 11.16 MB
  • 更新日期: 2018-06-14