101 Crane Missions 1.0.3 [已付费版]


Use a crane claw to move building blocks in
this game with very realistic physics!
You will need skillful hands and good planning... Move, tilt, pile, stabilize and slide building blocks to
* build towers
* construct bridges
* create other great constructions
to fulfill lots of different missions!There are currently 5 different scenarios and a free build mode where you can build whatever you like!The current scenerios:Foggy City: This is the introduction to the game but the higher levels of this scenario can be quite challenging.Windy Mountain: In this scenario wind will make it more difficult for you to stack the building blocks! Also the smileys are introduced in this scenario. Ropes over Vienna: Build rope brigdes, balance scales and stack blocks that are connected with ropes and a lot more...The Island:
This scenario is all about water. You will have to build a raft for the smiley and brigdes with floating bodies. San Francisco:
In this scenario you will have to rebuild construction that you see in background. It starts out very easy but the later levels require a lot of precision and very good planning!FREEBUILD:
The only limit in this scenario is your imagination.



  • 软件名称: 101 Crane Missions
  • 软件分类: 益智猜谜
  • APK名称: com.apesoup.cranemissions
  • 最新版本: 1.0.3
  • 支持ROM: 2.2.x及更高版本
  • 软件大小 : 16.64 MB
  • 更新日期: 2017-09-14