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Struggle Guy will boost your excitement through a simple gameplay with just one finger. Jump! Slide! & Dash! to avoid obstacles and increase your speed. Improve your skills and try to get the best score in each stage!Run through 4 unique environments and 36 different challenging stages. Enemies and obstacles like turtles, birds, rocks and others will slow you down or kill you.If you run fast enough through all the levels, you’ll discover addictive and exciting stories! If you DARE start the game, you won’t stop playing it!Features:
• Overflowing stories across the game in a cute cartoon universe.
• Simple and easy gameplay to maintain your full concentration: Jump, slide and dash for double speed.
• Keep your calm or get overexcited depending on the movement you make.
• Watch out for crazy turtles, rocks, birds and many other enemies and obstacles.
• Every 10 areas you pass, the speed increases up to 5%.
• 2 rhythms to enjoy:
- Dodge Mode: Dodge all the obstacles that are stopping you.
- Time Attack Mode: Run a race within the given time.Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest news on our games, contests and more!Official site:



已有 394 次下载
  • 软件名称: StruggleGuy
  • 软件分类: 街机动作
  • APK名称: com.anbgames.StruggleGuy.premium
  • 最新版本: 1.0.8
  • 支持ROM: 2.2.x及更高版本
  • 软件大小 : 24.39 MB
  • 更新日期: 2017-09-14